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From: Maurice Thigpen
Subject: Motown gay sex-3The events in this story are fictional and they no way imply the true
sexuality of any member of the four Tops.This story features men having relations with other men. The year is 1968,the four tops were having some down time because they
were having were hits every porn ps2 now and then ,not like they used to after
Holland -dozier Holland left the label in 1967.This meant more porno 14-16 y.o. time on
the group's hand even the were still on the label. For sometime there have been some tension,developing between Levi
Stubbs and Duke fakir but not the negative kind that splits groups
up.Renaldo Benson and lawrence payton were out of town on vacation with
their families while Duke and Levi stubb decided to hang out together in
Detroit.Even though they were married and had families too,both the
young men about 30 years of age and they wanted to sow wild oats they
forgot to do before they got married and had families.The tension that
was building between them was that Duke was having sexual fantasies
about Levi and Levi was having sexual fantasies about Duke. Both of them wanted to have time alone together to fulfil their male
animal lust but didn't know when and how to do without the other members
knowing. "There is something I want to tell you Levi,said Duke"
What is it Duke?,questions Levi"I've been having feelings for you for a long time.I didn't know how you
would react since we work together all the time and real good friends.I
wish we both didn't have wives ,then that way would could be together
forever.I mean you are an attractive looking man . Yet you sing in a way
that makes me hot on the inside especially when we are performing and
your tenor voice drives my manhood wild that I almost leak on my
pants,speaks Duke" "That's why I always have you next to me when we perform on stage.Even
your big luscius lips drive me crazy.And say to myself that no black
man's lips could look that sexy and not make your 10 massive milf jugs
penis rise up.I have a
secret place in 34 b breast
the country that we can ride to while it is still and we
can make out there,Says Levi. The two 3x porn tube
studs ride to the cottage ,not being followed by anybody and
they get out and levi unlocks the cabin that even his wife doesn't know
anything about.Levi and Duke embrace and they start to deep kiss each
other.They both feel so faint they continue to kiss 1959 s stripper lorelei some more on the
couch.Then they start undressing each other and before they know nudist pre 18 it they
are both naked.Then they do fourplay by rubbing up against each other
which makes them both moan and then their penises start to explode on
each other at the sametime.Duke licks up Levi's spilled sperm on his
hairy chest and then Levi licks up Duke's spilled sperm on his chest. Then Levi 34 b breast
starts licking and sucking Duke's 9-inch cock and it explodes
tons of juice into Levi's mouth drinking dry all willingly.Duke starts
licking and sucking Levi's 10-inch cock and then it starts exploding and
drinks all of Levi's sperm in his hungry mouth eagerly.After they finish
doing each other they cuddle each other for the next hour wishing it
would not end.They get a shower and put bitches msi mp3 their clothes on and they drive
back to Detroit to their homes without their wives suspecting that these
two lustful studs have been having wild gay sex and they plan to do it
again.please send your comments tomauricethigpenwebtv.net
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